Technology Hardware


EVS provides live video technology for broadcast and new media productions. It introduced the Live Slow-Motion system that has become the standard replay technology for broadcast sporting events. EVS' flagship  hardware product is the XT live production server, with the latest generation called XT-VIA. Other products include content management (IPDirector, C-Cast), unified live production (X-One), software-defined live production switchers (DYVI) and video assistance (Xeebra). Customer segments are LAB and LSP. LAB - "Live Audience Business" gathers customers using EVS products and solutions to create content for their own audience. LSP - "Live Service Providers" offer rental and service offerings to LAB customers. Big Event Rentals, reflecting non-yearly revenue linked to big sport events, are reported separately. EVS was founded in 1994 and was listed on the Brussels Stock Exchange in October 1998.