Quest for Growth invests in both quoted and unquoted growth companies. Quest for Growth will invest at least 70% of its assets in quoted companies with a market capitalization of less than €1,5 billion or in unquoted companies. At least 25% of the assets will be invested in unquoted companies. Quest for Growth will target a combined exposure to unquoted equity (direct and indirect via venture capital funds) and uncalled commitments between 45% and 55% of its statutory capital. Investments are chiefly made by shares and convertible loans.

Geographically, Quest for Growth mainly focuses on European companies.

Given the desire to invest in growth companies, the focus lies on industries and themes that are expected to be capable of higher than average growth. Quest for Growth has three central areas of investment, being ICT (information and communication technology), Health-tech (technology for the healthcare sector) and Cleantech (clean technology).