Quest for Growth’s quoted portfolio is 100% actively managed and does not follow any reference index or benchmark. Stock selection is based on fundamental analysis. Important investment criteria are: financial strength, growth prospects, market position, management strength and valuation. The preference lies in long-term investments in growth companies with an attractive valuation. 

Most of the shares within the portfolio are in companies with a small or mid sized market capitalisation (small & mid caps). Quest for Growth believes it is very important to maintain personal contact with the management of these companies. In addition to mid caps, Quest for Growth may also invest in large companies to a certain degree, thus improving the liquidity of part of the portfolio. 

Balanced diversification among the various industries is a goal. The portfolio is diversified but selective, with investments in 20 to 30 different companies. The holding in any individual company is in principle no more than 5% of the net asset value.

Healthcare Equipment & Services

Pharma & Biotech

Electrical & Engineering

Software & Services


Technology Hardware