Quest for Growth is able, on a selective basis, to co-invest together with the venture capital funds of Capricorn Partners, which can result in Quest for Growth increasing its exposure to companies in which investments have already been made. This will usually be done in a later phase of the company’s development. These kinds of investments are initially decided on by the board of directors of Quest for Growth.

Until 2010, Quest for Growth bought direct holdings in unlisted companies, usually small minority shareholdings where Quest for Growth was often not involved in management and invested together with other, larger financial shareholders. These holdings are actively managed, with the possibility of further financial means being made available to these companies. New direct holdings other than co-investments are not planned, however.

The aim with regard to unlisted equities is to create capital gains by means of takeovers by other market players or in the course of exit (i.e. disposing of the shares in the company) by means of an IPO on the stock market.