Investments in unquoted equities will increasingly be made via venture capital funds of Capricorn Partners, which is Quest for Growth’s asset manager. Decisions on whether to undertake investments in these funds are taken by the board of directors of Quest for Growth. The aim is to acquire significant holdings in businesses via these funds, whereby the manager plays an active role on the board of directors and in supporting those businesses’ management. This strategy is designed to ensure a higher influx of investment files and more thorough supervision of the investments in unlisted shares, with the ultimate aim of further improving Quest for Growth’s future results.

As regards investments in third-party funds, a similar strategy has been pursued as for direct holdings in unlisted companies, but there will be no investments in new funds. Past obligations will be honoured.

Quest for Growth has committed to investing € 2.5 million in Capricorn Cleantech Fund, € 15 million in Capricorn Health-tech Fund, € 11.5 million in Capricorn ICT Arkiv and € 15 million in Capricorn Sustainable Chemistry Fund. This gives Quest for Growth exposure to growth companies in the three selected investment areas of Cleantech/Sustainable Chemistry, Health-tech and ICT, each via a specialised venture capital fund of Capricorn Venture Partners.

These Capricorn funds in which Quest for Growth invests also strive to create capital gains by eventually selling the companies in their portfolio or listing them at the stock exchange.

Capricorn Cleantech Fund

Capricorn Health-tech Fund

Capricorn ICT-Arkiv

Capricorn Sustainable Chemistry Fund


Capricorn Digital Growth Fund


Capricorn Fusion China Fund

Other funds